Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reflection on Modernism

The best part of class on Tuesday was the relation between the discussion on Modernism and the passage Psalm 139. When it came down to comparing and contrasting, I realized that it was more of a contrast. Psalm 139 states that even when we attempt to run from God and hide in the darkness, that we will still be revealed. The scripture implies there is no use pushing the dark to the side because we must recognize that it is a reality but there is still hope in the times of “darkness” in our everyday lives. Modernism takes a different approach by not subscribing to absolute truth or, in other words, “Push away the darkness.”  Another example of contrast dealt with the modernist idea that life does not have a specific order. But the Psalm revolves around the idea that God knows everything before it happens. He knows every plan before it is set into action and every word before it is spoken from our lips. Psalm 139:4 says “Before a word is on my tongue you, LORD, know it completely” suggesting that there had to be a specific order to humanity. I also believe that the shift to modernism has its positive and negative effects. Most of the time a break from tradition is necessary for new upcoming generations to learn from the mistakes of those before them. But the idea that life is unordered goes against the, not only Christian, but religious view as a whole.  Regardless, the best part of class was being able to take a secular thing such as Modernism and apply it to something that was written so long ago. It is quite ironic that the two can be compared side by side because the modernists feel no connection to the past yet the Bible is full of past experiences that still apply today.  

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