Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Story of the Quilt...(Creative)

The topic was brought up in class that the quilt is very symbolic in the story Everyday Use. The following two poems are comparing the life of the quilt in Maggie’s home versus Dee’s home with an elaboration on the story. The two questions that must be kept in mind are, “where does the quilt find happiness?” and “how is it symbolic in the story?”

Dee’s Home
The quilt sits there all alone
Staying still, unmoving in Wangero’s home
Why did you go and change your name?
What were you looking for? Fortune and fame?
Why is it you that deserves the quilt?
Simply because compared to Maggie you walk on stilts?
Always loving in your mothers eyes
But the way you dress reveals the lies
You never cared for anyone but yourself
Who will be there when you call for help?
You use that tone, the one that seduces
But this time your mama sees through the excuses
The quilt is Maggie’s but you will fight
And when you don’t get your way, you find yourself in a plight
You beg, you plead but to no avail
It goes to the one who will wear the veil
In Dee’s home the quilt lies untouched
It does not really amount to much
That is why you did not get your way
Luckily, Mama saved the day

Maggie’s Home
In Maggie’s house you feel secure
Never finding yourself anywhere obscure
Dee is jealous so it is said
But here the quilt lies on the marriage bed
It is always put to daily use
But despite the assumption, the quilt does not feel abuse
Years have gone by and the quilt is there
Wrapped up in its beauty it is hard not to stare
Maggie and Mama have stayed close since the fight
But poor little Wangero is nowhere in sight
Maggie still remains highly insecure
And since the fire there has been no cure
The quilt provides comfort there is no doubt
It gives a brand new life to the small, beautiful house
Maggie is grateful for Mama’s strength to fight
Even when Maggie did not think she could sleep through the night
Her intention was not to hurt Dee or get her way
All she wanted was her sister to stay
Dee is long gone but one thing remains
The family quilt draped across the bed unashamed

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